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Linkedin Marketing / Linkedin Advertising for B2B

What are Linkedin Ads?

  • Linkedin Ads are Pay Per Click ads with auction-based bidding.
  • Linkedin Ads are like Google Adwords Ads – but in a business setting.
  • Linkedin is the only social network whose focus is business.

Here’s an actual Linkedin Ads ad:

An Example of a Linkedin Ad

Benefits of Linkedin Ads:

  • Potential to reach 161 million members.
  • Highly-focused granular market targeting (see below).
  • Linkedin is a business environment.
  • Low starting cost per click – just $2.
  • Low minimum budget – only $10/day.
  • Pay only when an ad is clicked.
  • Concise tracking reports = smart decisions.

Market Targeting is a Huge Benefit:

  • Location (from states to countries)
  • Industry or Company Size
  • Specific Employers, or Groups
  • Job Title or Function
  • Seniority, College and/or Skills
  • Gender/Age

This amazing opportunity for market segmentation in a business setting is perfect for B2B sectors.

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