PPC Competitive Intelligence

Who are your toughest competitors in the Pay Per Click Advertising venues?  We'll find out for you, and we'll do in-depth research to discover how much they are paying per click, how much they spend per month, their ad content, network distributions, etc.

PPC Competitive Intelligence, a component of Search Engine Intelligence, means paying attention to whom your competitors are in the pay per click venues ... where they are advertising (and when), keywords they're using, and much more.

Choosing PPC Competitive Intelligence is a smart decision strategically because paid search advertising provides detailed statistics.  Many companies test-market new products, services and/or features in the PPC market first, because results are so instantaneous.  When they have completed their research and testing in the PPC search engines, they can perform a widespread launch armed with valuable insight - how to best speak to their target markets.

It is powerful to gain advanced notice of your competitors' new offerings and strategies. You can even gain an insider's view of a particular competitors' business model. They may launch a new brand message or pricing strategy. Pay attention if they do so while simultaneously increasing their cost-per-click bids!  If those bids drop later or they remove their test message or price point statement, you can assume their strategy did not work. It their strategy worked, you'll see that outcome as well.

You don't have to spend your valuable time tracking your competitors' PPC activities - we'll do it for you!

With this powerful new information, you can take measures to overtake your competitors' ad positions, achieve higher click-through rates, and gain a larger piece of the pie!  All while paying less money per click!

Contact us now for a PPC Competitive Intelligence Analysis Report, and let us show you how to improve the performance of your PPC dollars."


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